Lost In Life

New Dinz advice! Do you ever feel lost in life? What do you do when you feel it's time to take off, but you don't know where to go?

Too Sexually Confident? - Dinz Advice

Too Sexually Confident?

New Dinz advice! Frida is a virgin but likes when people are surprised to find out that out... is she being dishonest?

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Linzer Dinzer "No Rules" Limited Edition T-Shirt
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When you conceptualize a situation in your life as a choice you made against less desirable options, you approach life proactively and not as a caged bird. If you don't like where you're at - then leave, all you need is to be aware of the consequences that may follow. The key to a fulfilling life is knowing your priorities and what trade-offs make sense for you. This is a sentiment that means a lot to me, and I feel has contributed greatly to my happiness.

When I decided I needed to raise funds for my video production work, I didn't want to just beg for hand outs. I wanted to put a lot of work into something special that I could offer you guys. This artwork was hand-drawn and took many hours to create.

Funds raised from this T-shirt will be used to build a new and better computer for the video production efforts of Linzer Dinzer and team.

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