Lindsay Penn, 2013
Lindsay “Linzer Dinzer” Penn is a web marketing coordinator, advice vlogger, and content producer in Los Angeles, CA. This blog is about leveraging the power of new media for happiness, wellness, and to connect human beings!

After eight years of coordinating and hosting Asian pop music events at Anime Expo, the largest celebration of Asian pop culture in the United States, Lindsay launched her YouTube show, "LinzerDinzerTV." Originally intended to be a music video review show, the show turned into an exploration of pop culture attitudes and ideologies, and inspired her to focus her career on web-based entertainment.

"LinzerDinzerTV," September 2010

After graduating from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor's degree in Radio, Film, and Television, Lindsay moved to Los Angeles. After starting graduate school, she turned LinzerDinzerTV into a comedy channel and launched the web series, "The Dinz." Originally, "The Dinz" was conceived as an observational comedy show, but it quickly evolved into a show focused on advice, motivation, and personal development - an effort that naturally stemmed from the intellectual aspects of LinzerDinzerTV. Soon after Lindsay graduated with her Master's degree in Entertainment Business and released more than 60 episodes of "The Dinz," she discontinued the show to explore different projects. Currently, the Linzer Dinzer YouTube channel posts advice videos twice a week.

"The Dinz," December 2012

This blog will cover all of Lindsay's musings on web-based entertainment and personal development, and keep you up to date on Linzer Dinzer creative projects.

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Contact Lindsay Penn at linzerdinzer (at) yahoo.com.